SSL Certificate Installation

Get the extra layer of security encryption with an SSL Certificate

Effective July 2018, Google's Chrome browser will mark 'non-HTTPS' as non secure. This will greatly decrease your website traffic. Getting an SSL Certificate will keep your traffic moving and help increase your search engine rankings.

SSL Certificate Installation

Wondering what an SSL Certificate is? If you take a look at any big name website, you will see a green padlock before the url in the address bar.  You’ll also notice that it will say “https:” instead of “http”.

SSL Certificate URL - Amazon

In a nutshell, an SSL Certificate is an extra encrypted layer of protection that “allows secure connections from a web server to a browser”.

An SSL Certificate is an extra encrypted layer of protection from a web server to a browser.

In the past, websites would have an SSL certificate for their site if they were processing credit cards, data transfers and logins. However, having an SSL certificate will become the norm come this summer of 2018.

Google Update:

Effective July 2018, Google Chrome’s browser will mark all websites that are ‘non-HTTPS’ as not secure.

What does that mean for your website?

It means that when someone views your website from Google Chrome, they will likely see a message stating that your site is NOT SECURE. That will make viewers feel unsafe and deter them from viewing your website. That is bad news for your traffic because about 60% people use Chrome as their browser.

The Reward for Compliance

The good news is, Google has hinted they you will get a boost in rankings for implementing an SSL Certificate on your website. Plus, users will also feel more comfortable browsing your website and knowing that you have taken measures for the extra layer of protection.

Don’t Wait Until Summer

Don’t wait until July 2018 to get the extra layer of protection for your website.  If you don’t want to lose traffic, would like your viewers to feel safe browsing your site, and welcome a boost in rankings, get an SSL Certificate installed on your website today. Take the step ahead of your competitors and get compliant!


Does your website need an SSL Certificate?

If you are ready to add an extra layer of encryption to your website for added security and Google compliance, please send a message. We would be happy to help!